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Just like you said it would be, easy. I am sitting down to write my first of what hopefully will be many posts. As I have spent the last year and a half in contemplation over much shifting and changing, this is now the outcome of that process. And so it is, I am here to share and to stand in courageous vulnerability as I press the keys bringing word to page.

I have no direction at present but the direction that I face, moving through, moving forward, moving on. As my life is rather full of creative endeavors I will most likely be writing about many things from dance to healing as well as navigating the stars of my life. I am sure through the sifting through of space and time I will come to some kind of focus be there conclusion or not.

May the word bring you as much joy as it has been bringing to my life and may I honor the voice within in doing so.

Cheers to you and to the universe we live in as we all traverse this magical thing called space and time!