I was reminded of the first rule of magic today. It says that in order for magic to exist, it must be contained. This reminded me of the need for creative people to allow for a space that encourages the magic of creativity to be allowed space to flourish and grow. There must be an environment within which the artist is allowed the ability to freely tap into the flow and wonder that allows for the magic of creation to happen.

Recently, after finding the courage to start blogging, I am finding myself being able to create my world by inviting people with whom I trust to share in my process of becoming. In doing so I am finding courage through their encouragement. I am finding flow by their supportive permission.
It may sound odd that I use the word permission, but in many ways, when we write we do search for approval. Lord knows this approval or rather disapproval has kept me from writing for a very long time. Maybe not from writing per say, but certainly from sharing those words and thoughts with others in fear of their disapproval.

I think no matter what station in life you are, all creative beings have this fear.  This block is what creates many of the worlds creative blocks keeping magic from being shared and absorbed as the arts should be. I wonder how much magic has been lost out of fear and heartbreak?
For myself, I realize this has not only applied in my writing, but it has also applied to my creative life as a choreographer and creator of many other things. I can recall many times in which I have been afraid to speak clearly in movement or to be able to share my insights into the physical well being of the body due to my fear, disapproval from others or rejection. This anxiety is certainly no way to foster, support and allow for the creative bliss and magic.
So today I begin a new work. Today I begin mounting a new and rather large work on a company in a very little amount of time. To be transparent, the time is not the issue for me. What is the challenge is the question of my ability to make a good work. So why is it that this fear is present? Why is it sitting next to me sharing coffee while it should be outside begging for change?
My challenge I set for myself today is to create the containment needed to allow for the magic of dance to work through me making a work I am pleased with and that pleases me in the process. My goal is not to make a great work but rather to make a work that makes me just a little bit better of a person. One movement at a time, weaving magic, weaving life.
I will not concern myself with what the dancers are thinking. I will not concern myself with whether or not the director of the company likes it. I will not concern myself with what those who view it’s premier in Beijing think.  All I will concern myself with is giving myself over to the magic. It is my job to create an energetic environment with which magic can flow and prosper.
Perhaps if I find this enchanted contained place, my heart will find a sense of peace and pleasure for this process. Perhaps if I am able to find this way of working and being, I will find the very same courage to deepen my practice of writing. Perhaps if I am able to find this supported place of flow, I will be able to reveal even more of what EBAS is with an even larger audience

If I can manage to move in these directions,my hope would be I will be an even better teacher. Perhaps I will be able to foster and encourage containment for my students. Perhaps I will be able to be more supportive in seeing in them what they have to offer and the magic that lies within. Perhaps I will find better ways of letting them know the bliss of magic is them.