I am fascinated by the notion of an idealized path humans embark on as we face a perceived limitless future. Despite the conquering of land and sea, and even breaching the beginnings of space, we still have an incredible fascination with what lies beyond our imagination with an insatiable quest to overcome it. We have taken incredible scientific journeys both inward and outward, micro and macro, and now stand at the precipice of a remarkable moment in time. It is my belief that now is the time for a spiritual journey; a deepening of the spirit and a conscious understanding in order to remind us not to escape the present moment while seeking a vision of the future at the expense of Gaya. 
We must be sky travelers of the heart as we map the inside and outsides of our reality. We must embrace our own celestial bodies as we explore the edges of our internal and external realities. The exploration of human beings must shift at this very moment and not focus on conquering the eternal reaches of our expanding universes, but rather conquer ourselves realizing our place in the vastness of this space and time. In our past desires to conquer we have done a great deal of damage not only to our environment but also destroying and wiping out many lost tribes and cultures. We must not forget that now is the time for an internal journey so that we may set right the present while adjusting our sails for the heavenly future.