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I have been sharing EBAS with more and more people over the past year and a half as I have embarked on creating the manuals, DVD and certification program. What I have come to realize in this act of sharing has been the magical transformation of the human body as well as the activation of the healing spirit. What I have felt to be true for myself and my own transformation is now being experienced by others when they walk themselves through the form deepening themselves in the consciousness of the system.


Let me first share how grateful I am for being allowed to be the facilitator of this incredible system. I cannot express enough gratitude for being able to be a part of this experience while sharing its beauty, body of knowledge and all of the transformative healing embedded inside each exercise.


What I am realizing more deeply with each workshop, intensive, camp, festival or semester is the miraculous ability of the system and the ways in which the human body so easily absorbs the work and imprinting its concepts and healing inside the physical being while simultaneously transforming the spirit of the learner.


No, I am not a doctor. Nor am I a therapist or anything else a western culture deems credible, important or recognizes as significant to be acknowledged as valid. I am however a listener. I listen to the human body with my hands, eyes and heart. In doing so I have become a healer, facilitator and mechanic of the human body. This listening allows me to hear what the student is crying out for through the blocks and breaks of energy lines in the body. If our ears have become deaf to the cries of our own physical and emotional lives, perhaps what it is I am sharing will help for you to regain your hearing.


Because of the things that I am not, I have limited myself in becoming all of who I am. I have allowed the fears and skepticism of others plague my own life with fear and doubt. After all, who I am to be able to listen as I do and have the information that I have? What accrediting body has acknowledged what I know and endorses it and recognizes it as valid? How dare I challenge what is “known” or find a new pathway of experience that is not the same path others have taken? How dare I presume that I know anything at all?


Well, let me share this; I know very little. But the one thing I do know is the system works. What I do see time and time again is the remarkable success the system is able to implement almost immediately. What I have seen, even if not empirical, is the anecdotal results of people and their transformations. And in all honesty, I am not interested in the path of others. What I am interested is in following the truth that has been shared and laid out for me to follow at whatever the cost.


I have allowed my fear to hold me back from coming out once again. My feelings of inadequacy as a writer, researcher and academic have held me back from sharing and expressing what all it is I know to be true. Ironic that it was far easier for me to come out in my sexuality than it has been to come out than coming out as I fully am now.


So I write today sharing with you that I am coming out again. This time I am revealing what I have been so blessed to be a part of and share with you. I embark on a journey of transparency through the act of healing of the physical and spiritual. Now is the time for transformation; a time of health and well-being.


I expect nothing of the system but for what it desires itself to be. I expect of myself all that is required to allow the work to be shared and absorbed by others. I would not have been given this opportunity if I did not have the ability to do what is needed or required of me. Perhaps this is a part of my own deeper transformation as well. Perhaps there is an even larger context that I could not possibly begin to imagine available for me.


I am finally accepting this path. This is my path. Not the path I had thought for myself but most likely an even brighter more unimaginable path that I could not even had dreamed possible for myself. So I accept my challenge. I accept the work and acknowledge that it is with great courage and faith that I must take every conscious step toward this experience of sharing. May I breathe through my feet as I exhale and dive into the magical waters of healing energy and life.