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I returned home to tend to my bonsai’s and was reminded once again of the importance of balance. Ironic that a small jade tree and its need for equality could speak so poignantly about the need for finding the center line for all living things. Beautiful how in just a simple adjustment of space creates a new perspective allowing for us to grow more vertically with minimal stress to the mid line of our being.


As I was cleaning the area where I keep my bonsai’s, I realized the need to rotate them. My jade had begun to grow towards the sun so much that it was bending in only one direction. For most of us we need to grow towards the light. The light being the energy and power source of inspiration, truth and strength, however for a jade bonsai too much bending without the proper support could create a conflict in the guided path of it’s forming. Just as too much of one thing for any of us can cause us to lose touch with where we grow and our ability to not bend too far in one direction.


A few days ago I turned the beautiful green luck charm around just about a half a rotation so that the bend was away from the sunlight. It has been just about three days and I noticed the jade had almost returned to its full vertical. It had responded to return to the light in a way that pulled itself back to the center line of its growth and is standing upright. Amazing how powerful and how quickly change can occur. It made me wonder how much an auto correct for our own way of being might change us to find balance and a middle path.


It has also made me ponder the need for that middle path in our current culture and society. Such extremes and drastic pulls toward opposite ends out of fear rather than understanding the need to rotate our perspectives so as to see all the various angles and lights in space. If a jade is strong enough to correct itself and always find its light, why is it that we are so afraid that we won’t find ours? Do we not trust in our own light enough to know that it will illuminate the dark no matter what direction we are pointed, or is it the fear that perhaps in facing another direction we will have to make the corrections to stand tall and true?