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As I look up to absorb the light from centuries past, my boys lift their heads to inhale the stories within the wind. We sit, side by side, accepting this thing called now, this moment, this our night.


It has somehow become our ritual. A sacred convergence of who it is we are. This  the coming together and combining of our beings revealing the true nature and essence of our spirits.


We are from this earth and we exist under this moon. We have been brought together not really of our own choosing but rather the magnetic draw of like minded souls searching to be together once again returning to one another as we have time after time.


As we walk on the creek, sometimes a muddy and torrent current and at others crystalline and still, we flow in and out of our present configurations. We ebb and flow understanding our present, seeing our past, and visioning our future. We have been together before and will be together again as we have before time after time.


We may have been called by other names, lived in other cultures, existed in human and non human forms, but we have traveled together before and spoke the nature of all things through the unspoken language of the heart; love.


So it is that we travel. So it is that we sit. So it is we look up and see ourselves within the stars. This is how we embark on the language that is not to be spoken. This is how we navigate our journey. We raise our head to comprehend this moment. We free our senses to listen to the stories. We absorb this thing called love by opening our hearts.