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A student asked me today how long it takes for someone to master EBAS. I had never thought about this before and my only response was that I am not sure I have done it myself. Perhaps an odd answer coming from the person who is revealing the work and presenting the system and ideas within it. Yet, at present, I am still unsure myself as to the totality of what it is I hold within my heart and my head.

The system has grown organically out of an injury I sustained over 16 years ago. I have been on this journey for all this time and am amazed by what has become of EBAS, how many lives it has touched, and the potential for where it is headed. I am very proud of the work itself and even more honored by what it can do, and has done, for so many people.

Because I feel that EBAS is still growing and becoming all that it can, I don’t think of myself as mastering the form at all. Although I am creating it, I am not sure I will ever master it. I say this because as the system grows, so do I; as the system changes, so do I. My body is a different body today than it was yesterday. My conscious understanding of my body and the connection to my body changes daily. If this is always in flux, then perhaps there is really never a place to arrive at mastering this beautiful form.

Maybe this is the beauty of it. Maybe this is what is beautiful about our lives as well. Maybe not trying to master it but be conscious of our connection is really all we can ever do. Perhaps understanding that the moment of learning and the moment of accepting who and what we are is actually all that there is. If I can achieve this sense of consciousness and intimate connection with my body, then maybe, just maybe, I will be able to grow more deeply in my relationship to my physical and spiritual being through movement.