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We have just parted and still I am feeling your beaming of light.

Your energy still radiating, vibrating around my consciousness.

It is a gift to be with you in these times of release and ascension.

A gift to be a witness and a friend in the journey we are on.

Traveling with you, arm and arm, linking energy as we drift into the deep magical water.

It is the space and air inside the suspended structure that keeps us afloat.

It is you the gatekeeper who opens the door.

You the seeker of new light and new layers that will lead to the next level.

Up or down is inconsequential, new and expanding is the only thing that matters.

The key is yours. It has been for some time.

Use it to find the way and to lose the path of confusion.

There is new light in the next layer.

New growth, new life.

See the door and it will reveal itself to you.

Then all that’s left is to enter.