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During the past 5 weeks I have found myself exhausted on several occasions. Despite burning the candle at both ends to make several new works, teach an incredible load, as well as present at a conference; life seemed to be just fine and taking care of itself in some of the most beautiful ways. With all of this, there somehow remained a sense of joy and peace throughout the entire process.

Much of this joy is due to the people who surround me. I am grateful for the dancers I work with and the laughter and forgiveness they embody. It is such an honor to work with beautiful people who make space in their hearts and their lives to work together and make great art. It is apparent that this is the space where joy lives.

In other instances, there were collaborators who softened their hearts and ego’s to allow for a true communication resulting in letting the work speak for its beautiful self while having faith in one another and each others process. Here is where many gifts of joy are exchanged.

And lastly, while all of these worlds were spinning, my head clouded by the chaos of the “to do” list, and the lack of “Scott” time, I somehow realized that this frenetic place of being is really where we feel joy the most. This sweet spot of quiet that limited time allows simply because it forces us to be present while honoring the work we are doing. We have no time to comment, be negative or lose sight of what must be.

Beauty must be and it can only be if there is joy.Image