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As we move from the age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius we must also be mindful of making monumental shifts of our own at the micro level. At the Macro level, there will be a change of consciousness in our spiritual relationship to the greater forces in the universe. At this change we too must shift our consciousness and spiritual connectivity to accept the sacred again both in our own beings as well as in the beings with which we share this great journey and planet with.

It is the time of weaving our words with integrity and whispering truth so it soon becomes something we can believe in again rather than run from. We have ignored the reality of our complete being as we have hidden from the truth in order to activate a false sense of power and worth in the world. Truth has lost over the last few thousands of years to the dominating culture of power, repression and selfishness.

Now is the time, as we are at the shifting of ages, to weave our words while we whisper them into the world.