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Ironically, shortly after my most recent post, Adventure in Traveling, I now sit awaiting a departure for Rome. As I sit here we are 50 minutes behind schedule for electrical reasons in the cabin. And still, I sit quietly. Quietly reading and taking in this time that the luxury of patience affords.

One detail I would like to share is that in this stillness u began to read a most wonderful book that seems to be reaching out and cupping my heart. Would we be in the air I would not be sharing with you my joy and or have read deeply into its spine.

The book in my lap is “Finding Inner Courage” by Mark Nepo. So far the book seems to be touching the very soul of what I need to be reading at this juncture in my life and is reinforcing all that I am learning and absorbing on my research leave this far. If you get a chance, check it out. Especially if your feeling the need for a good heartfelt and compassionate read.

Anyway, this little bit of stolen time, correction, given time is truly something to be grateful for. Thank you again journey for opening time, the heart, and a voice to reinforce my thoughts.