There are times in your life when the mirror of reality reflects the beauty of all that is in your life and you are able to clearly absorb the brilliance of now. This is that time for me. After all of this travel, clarity in the expression of EBAS and the creative bliss of Amaranth, I am seeing the potential of everything and how, what has seemed disparate parts of my process, is in all actuality, a clear weaving of beauty and joy.


For so long there have been singular focus shifts as I have given my energy to follow a desire of my heart or a magical dream. I have listened to those callings and worked diligently at following the omens. In many ways there have been many successes; in others there have been dead ends or roadblocks in their current configurations.


Yet, all of that said, life still has afforded much bliss, love, light and laughter through it all. I have accepted its “success”, weathered its “failures” and have grown in ways I was not sure ever possible. And even so, there has always been a missing link in how it has all been happening. Its as if the singular focus that I expected to harness greater expansion was actually holding me back.


Now I have removed my self from the immediacy of any singular part and stare  at the magic of the whole facing the brilliance of an integrated creative life. I have pulled myself out as one does on Google maps to see a larger expanse of what my life is really like. I see the relationships of how all of my work is linked and how it is linking with those I love.


I am excited to be here. Gazing at the potential of everything. And as I see, I pull back even farther to take in more and breathe the light and joy of how beautiful this great expansive universe of my life is. As does the universe expand, so do I.