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So here it is, the 30th day of April, the day I embark on my challenge to write more and practice the art of sharing my thoughts through words. I normally share my perspective through abstract images created in a kinetic space by the carving of that space with the human body. Yes, I typically arrange bodies, time and ideas through the form of dance. I am a choreographer.

For some time now I have been feeling the need to share in a different medium yet have not had the courage enough to express my thoughts in a written format. I have, for the longest time, been afraid of writing due to my fear of not possessing the skills to do so eloquently or technically. Being this is the time for me to move within myself to find the courage to shift many of the things in my life, I have decided to challenge myself through sharing and transparency.

Life is a practice. My life in dance and healing has been a huge practice. Why is it that I should think I should be good at writing without the same intent and discipline? I should not. So, here it is, Thirty Days of Thoughts.

I welcome you to follow me through my challenge. I welcome your feedback. I welcome your energy. I welcome your support. I may not get it all “right”, but I promise myself to get it all done. Some thoughts may be short; some maybe long. The point is to practice and share in order to build confidence and momentum. Therefor, let the flow begin.Image