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Recently I have become aware of the many shifts in my life as well as the highlighted notion of returning that has graced my thoughts as of late. One of the ideas of returning that seems to be floating to the surface is the return to “home”, coming “home” as you will, or having a “second home”.  These words have been written, exchanged or shared with me lately and more noticeably and intensively over the past week.


I have observed that my life is cycling back in many ways perhaps allowing me the opportunity to get a few more things right. Now when I say this I don’t mean things were bad per say before, it’s just that they might not have been all they could have would I have been who I am today.


I believe there is many lessons offered by the universe, some of these learned quickly while others needing more time for absorption. As with all of us, lessons learned by others at specific times are not learned in the same time by every individual. We all come to our own assimilations of the ways of light at the time for which we are ready to receive.


At this moment, all I can say is that it is honor to be invited back, being loved enough to return or even forgiven so as to be reborn. I love that I have a second home many places in the world. I am grateful that I am invited back again and again and made feel comfortable and included in rituals and events that are not always offered to everyone.


I am also grateful that I am asked to return home to places in which I have been away from so as to share once again in the love that was left, lost or withheld. Regardless of the reason, it is important for me, for all of us, to return to our “home” renewed, humble and reborn. For in these moments, these times of atonement, this is where grace lives. Grace in movement, grace in spirit and most importantly, grace in love.Image