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Chasing ones dreams is a lot like a dog chasing its tail. We spend so much of our time exhausting ourselves as we move in circles forgetting that we are spiraling inward collapsing in on ourselves.

We then find ourselves completely spent because we have engaged so much of our time and energy going around and around facing our own ass while biting for something that is not actually obtainable. What are we doing trying to take a bite out of our own body or destroying our physical well being to satiate our larger than life ego?

It is ironic that we allow ourselves to get to a place that our ego drives the creative process rather than staying int the flow of creativity and letting our work make itself while we facilitate it’s progress in this particular plane of existence. When we become more important than the work, the work ceases to be important.

It is time for a returning to enchantment. We would be wise to revisit the contemplative space that allows for the creative energies of the universe to flourish and manifest. May we remember what it is like to share in the community of creativity while riding the sky of possibility. Could we dare to open our wings from our hearts so as to sift through the endless creative potential of the universe letting what will be choose us?