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It has been awhile since I was in the studio with the company. Having shifted my focus spending more time developing EBAS and sharing the information outside of the academic community, I am so very pleased to be getting back to a more balanced approach to spending time with Amaranth and EBAS as much as I can. It feels so good this morning to be waking up and preparing for a day full of training and creative bliss with people who share the joy of the creative process and the simplicity and drama free rehearsal energy. I am certainly grateful and lucky.

Another thing I am truly thankful for is the fact that in today’s rehearsal I get to be a dancer again. I get to participate in the creative process in a role that has long been lost. A long lost love affair will be rising up once again, as I step into the role of dancer assisting a choreographer with her vision and her process. I do so much miss being in this place. I miss the simplicity of such a role as well as the responsibility of carrying the torch of the works vision.

Since finding balance in all areas of my life are crucial to me now, this is such a wonderful reflection of that change and of that release. May the creative energies of the universe support and carry the rehearsal process today and may I learn to lead by following and learn more about my own energies and needs at present through the simplicity of being and giving myself and of myself to someone else’s bliss.