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Dare we land on our dreams? Dare we fulfill our innermost desires? Dare we find our true bliss? I say dare because most of us fear the things we want the most. Do we actually have enough courage to walk in the light of success and absorb it with humility and gratefulness?

Many are deterred by the sheer work that it takes to even follow along their own heart path, let alone thinking of what it might take to navigate the turbulent world of success, once you get there.

Is it really that much easier to acquiesce, falling back into the line of people marching in a circular direction, round and round, numb and not feeling, simply to accept mediocrity? Is this what we choose rather than fear we might just get to the ridge of our dreams, peak over and say to ourselves, “is that all there is?”

If this is our thought process, conscious or unconscious, there needs to be some serious rewiring of our thinking. Even more so, we have some serious cultural and social shifts we need to address along the way.  If these are our thoughts, perhaps we might want to start, one small step at a time, figuring out how to steer our boat into the wind. Perhaps it is time to find that winds current and hoist the sails so that we might start moving into the direction of our dreams and moving into the direction of the action.

In order for all of this, we must ask for help. We must be vulnerable enough to release our desire to manage and manufacture. We must let go of manipulation and greed, and we must accept that perhaps our dreams might even be larger than we could have ever imagined them to be.  Wouldn’t it be funny if we were not even visioning big enough, and that that might be the incongruence holding us back?

Then, what if, through allowing ourselves these things, we were able to land on our dreams? We would touch down in a place though impossible and yet now a reality. Then as we stand there, we do not ask ourselves if this is all there is, but we acknowledge our gratitude for the journey, the lessons learned along the way, and realize that this dream is what it truly means to fulfill our humanness.Image