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Our lives as creative energies are always in constant flux. This state of ebb and flow is what drives the tides of our spirits allowing us to listen to the whispers of the wind at one moment as well as feel the heart crashing upon the jagged rocks the next. Despite our lives seeming to be turbulent in the ways in which we live, living in the moment seems to be the best way to be able to see the goodness of all things that are in this very moment.


It is tough trying to navigate the waters of our creative life. Difficult because we are constantly developing our own voice while simultaneously coexisting with other processes that we may or may not see eye to eye with but are none the less important to our growth and maturation. We all see work in very different ways. We all understand work to have its range of depth and even, dare I say it, depth to that depth. Often times people involved in the creative process are more comfortable with the noise they are making thinking about the dance rather than the silence of letting the dance exist in its purest form allowing the deepest most honest sense of its being to exist. That is the most honest and raw form a work can take.


Even so, we must honor the creative process and current depths of being for all. Yet, while being a passenger on that boat, there is much spiritual treasure for you find within the noisy space that may be whirling about you. Mine those riches by silencing your own heart through the knowledge that you are finding new and expansive nuggets within others chaos.


Use these new found diamonds and rubies to work on what your heart wants to speak. Utilize this wealth to create a new and glorious vision letting it spring forth in the ways that speak clearly to your soul. These are the moments when you must remember that even though you are a passenger on someone else’s ship, you must be carrying your sails with you so that at any moment the creative wind calls, you are ready to hoist and being carried by the magic of its bliss.


Be ready. Be patient.  Most importantly, remember that your journey is a very long arc that will carry you. Walk it. Sail it. Soar. Trust in your heart that this universe will support the wind underneath your beautiful feet. Some days you will find yourself flying. Others, breathing through the souls of your feet replenishing all that your center-line does for you. Now, all there is left is to just exhale and dive.Image