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My thoughts have been meandering through the memories of two great dance mentors of mine. For some reason I have been feeling a very strong connection and need to commune with them. Larry Long and Anna Paskevska are two of my ballet ancestors. They are two incredibly influential figures that have played a fundamental role in the dance artist that I am today.


These two individuals shared a wealth of knowledge, artistry and compassion to which I am extremely grateful for. Their voices live within me and my work today in not only the classroom, but also artistically when I set bodies in motion carving and shaping kinetic energy in space.  Although they were classically inclined in their work, their voices were universal and in many ways ahead of their time.


These great masters both allowed me in. They imparted wisdom, shared space, and supported me in ways that I am eternally grateful. I am not sure why I was so fortunate to be graced by their graciousness, but I am so thankful that I was able to share a small part of space and time with them.


Lately my mind has been on them both as I am making my own shifts and deepening my thoughts on technique and the creative process. I see in the memory of my mind distinct images of them both. Poignant moments of brilliance and light. I was listening. Even if I did not quite know how to process it at the time, I was listening.


I am feeling as if I need to honor them in my daily activities and ask for continued guidance and wisdom. I am getting a strong sense that it is time to open a dialogue through prayer in which to allow their magic to continue to teach and love this beautiful thing we all hold so dear to our souls.  It is time to open my heart to the possibility of reconnecting with my ancestors to be guided by their greatness. May I be humbled in their energy and light.Image