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There is a beauty in the training of the body: A comfort in the deep activation of musculature that reminds you of the magic of our physical abilities. Reaching deep into the spirit of oneself and realizing that you can open your mind wide enough in order to press away the boundaries of your movement while expressing greater range of motion and articulation, is truly a divine and euphoric sensation.


This awareness is the activation of learning through sensation. It is the place in which we should encourage our students to be whole heartedly committed to so that they can deepen their practice, strengthen their bodies and find the soulful creative connection of mind and body. This safe and secure place fosters the creative and expressive process. This is where the student should live while learning the art of dance and the enchanted act of choreography.


When a student explores their body with the confidence of sensation, being allowed the luxury of the present moment while feeling the magic of a technical principle, they then embody and honor the art form from the inside out. Movement then becomes a full expression of the human experience rather than a hallow interpretation of a misguided perception that is often projected on them by a teachers ego.


What if we could take the time to explore technique from the inside? What if we were allowed the luxury of taking time to fulfill the expression of a movement rather than pretend that speed is the barometer of success regardless of how well done the technical application actually is? What if we took the time with our students encouraging them to listen rather than imitate? What if we all weren’t in such a hurry to get to a place we deemed as successful and simply find the success in the training itself?