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Now is the moment. Right here, right now. We must let the past and the future melt away so that we can simply concentrate on where we are and whom we are with in this particular instance of time and space. It is here, in the sliver of time, all love is understood and creativity speaks. It is here that happiness and peace reside causing sorrow and suffering to dissolve.


Yet, we are face down in our phones. Preoccupied with having to prove we exist by our mere status updates and moment-to-moment monuments for ourselves. When is it that we became so important to the rest of the world and so meaningless to our spirits and ourselves? When did we lose connection to other human beings rather than media and machines?


We are simply human. We are magical beings that need space to live in the enchanted world that surrounds us. It is time to lift our heads to face the lives that are spinning out of control. It is time to rid the vertigo of progress from our manufactured worlds and realize the true momentum in our soul is proportionate to the energy we give being present in each moment of our existence.