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And so, it is, just like you said it would be….


And here I am on this last day of a self-imposed process of practice. What a lovely thirty days it has been. For those of you who have been traveling with me, thank you for your energy and support. Thank you for spending moments of your time to sip into my mind and my heart. I thank you for being with me and, in many ways, holding my hand helping me along the way.


It has been just a joy to steal time to write. It has been a pleasure letting thoughts drip to the page as I, word by word, grew in the practice of writing. There has been a shift in my faith as well as my courage, which now feels incredibly freeing and inspiring. Where I used to be afraid to share my thoughts and my words, I now am excited and proud at the developing process and skill. It is true, like all things, life and art is a practice.


So what now? Undoubtedly, there will be more practice. I have decided to spend some time on a project I am calling recycled poetry. I will spend some time diving into books and picking out words from the pages to collage together new thoughts and ideas through a more poetic form. I am feeling I need to spend a little time exploring new colorful language and creating a more expansive palette of imagery to better express my thoughts.


It is my hope that my vocabulary and word play will expand my abilities with the words as well as see how they affect the way in which I play with kinetic images in the new dances I am making throughout the year. I am on an expedition to uncover a new language landscape for myself and hope that you will share in this journey with me as well.


Looking forward to walking hand and hand again!