We have conditioned ourselves to believe that being in love is the highest aspiration we should have as people. Find our soul mate, fall in love and then be in love until the end of our days. That does not sound like the fluid and ever expanding magnificence that IS love.


Being ”in” love is letting love swallow you allowing it to cut off your breath, suffocating and losing yourself. It overpowers the YOU of you and love becomes more about the pretense of love, the manufacturing of love, rather than the act of loving.


It is in the act of loving that we enact the unconditional state of love. There is no uncertainty. No question. Love simply is present and therefore all that one needs regardless if the one being loved feels it or not.


It is said in religions that God is love. If this is true, then it should be eternal; ever lasting, flowing in all directions at all times, never in a controlling state, but rather always in the act of changing, growing, accepting and radiating.


Love is enough. We do not have to hold it hostage or hold others hostage to it. That would not in fact be love at all. That would be possession.