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We all know what it means to be headstrong, but what about heartstrong. Headstrong is a negative term for people who are impatient and unable to accept information or advice from outside of their own focused perspective or view. Unwilling to bend or be malleable to other ideas or ways of being that may not follow their particular beliefs.


Heartstrong on the other hand is not a word that is part of our language or part of our societal way of thinking. This rather saddens me as it is most likely what we need more of in a time of narrow one way thinking that seems to be getting more narrow and un-accepting as time moves on.


I think we are in a position to access our heart strength invigorating the power of love in a way that allows our hearts to speak through our every action. Being heartstong should be something we strive for and are proud of; our very actions of kindness and compassion to one another and to our own well-being would make us so.


I am suggesting we adopt in our vocabulary the word heartstrong and embody its meaning.  Perhaps we might make it into a dictionary letting the movement move one another in love, light and joy.




Heart – strong: adjective:


/patient and kind, willing to have compassion for others


/directed by love in all actionsImage