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In the space between the spaces is an ocean of understanding. In the breath that fills the lungs, there is compassion. In our practice we must remember to allow for space despite not knowing how much more there is to achieve. When we diligently practice with a beginners mind and a committed heart, space opens up. Time becomes our ally as we ever expand our reach both externally and internally. In this expanse, we find freedom.


This range of motion of both the physical self and emotional self allows for release and rejuvenation. We rehydrate our bodies while replenishing our spirit. Our ever-reaching hearts are allowed to beat the breath of our souls finally becoming congruent as the body enjoys the joy of itself in motion. We are built to move and our hearts built to run.


Yet, this is just for today. Tomorrow we must again climb that mountain of practice and once again ascend with humility and awe. We have never been here before because it is this day, this moment. Never have we seen this time and never will we see it again. It is not enough to have felt the joy once; the challenge is to strive to feel it again and again. Memorize your sensation. Know where it comes from and how to access the depth of it. Know the body as you know your soul, intimately and with a sense of respect and reverence.


In this daily practice, inside the humility and exaltation, find the replenished heart and then share it with the world. When you realize how much strength and power lies within the space within, when you understand that you are able to move mountains by gesturing the center-line as long as you possibly can, you will know you are free. You will know you are truly alive by your mere ability to reshape your being and your spiritual bliss. Once you know this, share it unconditionally. Give all you can without expectation and love because you can.