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I have mentioned before the training of my boys and their crazy behavior when they are out with the neighbors unfixed dog. Well, today I am happy to report that as I write they are all out together enjoying their independent spaces and lying in the sun. They are aware of both being out and yet, there is a calm in them all. I am so happy to have patiently gotten to this point. Arriving at a wish I thought almost impossible several months ago.


Today though, they are all exactly where they need to be and I am exactly where I want to be. This is a great reminder that through patience, dedication and positive reinforcement, almost anything is achievable. Now it might take more time and effort than you are willing to give at certain points, but the payoff is truly enjoyable. The payoff is peace. The payoff is a happy state of being for all beings. If my dogs and I can do it, we all can do it. Whatever the goal and task.