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Today is a reminder that we must do our best to love one another as best we can and to even better try to understand that those that love us love us the best way they know how.  One thing I realized as my father moved into the depths of Alzheimer’s, was that throughout my life he did what he could, within his power at the time, to love me. Now it may not been how I pictured it, wanted it or how the world paints that father child relationship, but it was the best he knew how.


Knowing this allowed me to accept him for who he was, which was something I wanted for myself, as well as allowed me to let go of the hurt from not having that kind of relationship and love him as who he was. It was the moment when I released my disappointment and accepted the fact that everything he did, and he did a lot, he did because he loved me.


This is the key to a healthy and loving relationship with a parent. We must understand that we all love in the only ways we are capable of loving in that very moment. We must remind ourselves that they are doing their best and that we should do our best to love them as they are, for all they are and with an open and giving heart.


So today, I honor my father for all he was, what he did, and for his love. I realize that we must honor what we have while we have it trying our best to forgive, let go and have faith that those that walk our path with us are doing the best they can. In this, we will find ourselves in the act of loving. In this, we will find a quiet heart.Image