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It has been quite some time since I last sat down and typed at these keys. It feels great to have a little bit of space in my life to be able to sit here and face the screen looking out into the vast internet hoping to connect with all of you. It is lovely to be back and I am looking forward to sharing with you all the lovely time I have been having and the insights that have passed through me during my time away from this blog.

First off, let me say how grateful I am to have had the luxury of a research leave that has been graciously supported by Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and the beautiful VCU Dance Department. I am so thankful for everyone who absorbed some of my work load, shared in covering for me, and just the energy it took to allow me the freedom to stretch my wings. I feel air again and I am so thankful I am able to once again fly with the wind rather than against it. Thank you!

Second, I have had the incredible opportunity to fly around the globe sharing my work both in choreography and in the Elemental Body Alignment System (EBAS). It has been such a joy to be opening my work up to a large audience and seeing how that work and that energy is being accepted and absorbed into the many practices we have shared it in. I can’t express the joy I feel when I see the work in action and the immediacy of the work in the hearts and bodies of those who are experiencing it. Thank you for your trust and your faith, not only in the work, but also in me. I am humbled and honored.

Finally, I have so much to share that I would like to spend some time allowing it to fall into all of the right places. There are so many thoughts and ideas that they all need the right time and the right space to enter this blog space. That said, stay tuned to the blog and all that will be revealing itself on these pages. I have missed the practice of writing and expressing myself through the written form and can’t wait to get back to the regular expression of my heart.

Thank you again to all of you who continue to follow, support, share and believe. I can feel your energy and I am so grateful to you for sharing in the bliss of this life. May you feel my gratitude coming back to you not only directly through me, but through all of those that get to experience the joy of Amaranth, EBAS and VCU.

My energy fill your body, may light fill your soul, and may love radiate from your heart!!