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I am just about home after an adventurous day of travel. I have been en route for 18 hours now and am on my final leg. In about 3 hours I should be touching down in Richmond and happily heading home to my boys.

It has been a wonderful trip and an absolutely wonderful week. The course and students were a delight and of course, Arezzo was spectacular as usual. Even so, I am happy to be headed home.

This research leave has been quite remarkable. So much has taken place, moved forward and deepened I not sure I could have imagined a better time. It has been theist traveling I have ever done and on one hand amazed an in the other exhausted.

I am looking forward to normalcy and a sense of place that VCU offers. That and being around some lovely students. It will be nice to be back.

Anyway, while I have been busy this summery time of sharing here has fallen off track. I am looking forward to morning writing and paying more attention to mg blog. I look forward to connecting once again.