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Quiet heart, quiet mind has been my mantra for calm and rest during the tumultuous past nine months of tireless travel, teaching and creativity. It has brought many of beautiful things to fruition and changed an otherwise anxious heart to one of spacious graciousness followed by a mind at peace. It has been the right kind of focus at a time when speed wanted to override the joy.


Now, I am realizing how much luxurious space there is in my life for the first time in a very long time. Exuberant, vacuous space full of intent and joy. My world has been blown open not by the removal of moments, but rather by the appreciation and sense of gratitude inside existing moments with a new found sense of clarity, quiet and calm. Courage resides in this space as my guide no longer a need for battle.


As I spend a quiet and cool morning at home with the boys, a cup of coffee and space, I wonder what it is I will carry as a mantra through the rest of the year and perhaps on into the rest of the school year. What keeps surfacing for me at present is an open heart. A heart that is permeable and porous free from fear and doubt; a heart that says yes “we” can share and yes “we” can give.


It seems to me that this is the time for extreme giving. This is the time for sharing what we have, what we do and what we can with others around us. If there ever was a time to be philanthropic and a supporter of the arts, healing and spiritual growth, that time would be now. This is the time of great healing and great bridge building. This is the time where we need to go deep within so that our explorations of ourselves might move out into the vat uncharted spaces of our world sharing all we have with others.  Now is a time for opening our hearts.Image