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I sit here waiting to board a flight through Chicago en route to Denver. As I wait I realize I am once again on the road with dance. I also breathe in gratitude for that ability and that abundance.

I have been on the road with move t in the heart of my bones many times this year. More gratitude. And even better, I have the honor of fulfilling a dream rounding all this travel out with the grand finally of China. Life is wonderful!

The other beautiful thing about all of this is the fact that I get to be with “family”. This family is a non-traditional family made of beautiful spirits full of magic, talent, grace and love. It is a managerie of brilliance that I get to share the enchanted world of dance with.

Because dance is a community activity, one must be careful to walk with those that believe in the power and wonderment of movement and who understand that it is through movement that we understand our humanity. And Amaranth is humanity in motion.

So once again the sky calls for kinetic majesty. I am honored that I get to respond with a resounding yes! I hear you majestic mystery of energy and I shall listen as I create and ride the river of the dances that you wish to share to our humble hearts.

Move by by movement we shape the energy of space to sculpt ephemeral bliss.