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As I watched the students of DSA move through 7 minutes of choreography that we have systematically developed over three days, I realized how lucky I am to be able to be having these experiences as a choreographer, teacher and dancer. It is an honor to be in my position of sharing what it is I have come to know for myself, and then share that in the process of making a new work. I consider myself very fortunate to have these experiences and opportunities.

I have been doing this at DSA for 7 years now. It has been a ever growing and developing event that has become what it is today. Amaranth comes out and sets three new pieces on the students along with presenting several works in a shared culminating concert at the end of our residency. This year we have also folded in a few works of our great friends, The Island Moving Company. So here we are, in a place of sharing and enhance that I could not have imagined 7 years ago.

What has become apparent is the honesty and integrity through the sharing and building of new work which in turn opens a window of compassion and understanding for ultimate learning experiences. This learning experience is not just happening for the students, but it is also happening for choreographers and dancers alike.

I realized for myself that my craftsmanship as a dance maker and teacher has grown and blossomed because of this exchange as well. Artists need to create a practice of making what they make and doing what they do. Denver has been a part of my practice and the energies of the students through all of the works that I have made here have been a part of my growth and development. I am grateful for the opportunity to be here and making work acknowledging that I too am growing alongside my dancers moving towards the kind of artists we all aspire to be, working in the energies of our spirits making the kind of work that speaks from our hearts.

Thank you Denver School of the Arts for opening your lives to Amaranth. We are grateful and look forward to whatever our paths unfold for us.