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I know there is pain and suffering in the world. I know that there is much to be shifted and changed in all of our individual and collective lives. I know this. I acknowledge the frail, imperfect and vulnerable lines we walk and that which surrounds us. However, at this moment, all I know is bliss. All I see is beauty. All there is is joy.

I choose, at this moment to see, welcome and embrace what is often seldom seen or folded into our lives. Instead of giving in, I give out. Instead of giving up, I give within. I see between the lines. I listen to the parts of the harmony that allow the melody to be remembered. It is in these unusual places that perfect of moments lives. The most beautiful and sacred magical moments live here.

At this moment I shut my eyes and give thanks for all that is here. This is my moment of gratitude; my moment to change the rest of my life by accepting this life as the most beautiful of all things I could be living. Right here. Right now. This moment. This life. This is the joy.