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You know, in my heart of hearts, I believe there is room for us all. There really is. There is room for us to express ourselves sharing in discourse and perspectives allowing for understanding, compassion and empathy. There is room.


There is also room for us to share the same space and great one another with love and an open heart. When seeing one another we see the light of the universe that is the same light within ourselves. We recognize that although we may come from different places, we are one. There is room.


There is so much room that we are forgetting to go to the very place that we can find it. Ironically, we are searching outside of ourselves looking for others to open spaces for us so that we can easily walk through. We are searching for a place that is so far away from us out there that exhaustion and fear take over disabling the heart and mind and enabling hate. There is room.


The place where there is the most room is deep within. Spaces so vast we cannot even comprehend its gateway to a spacious infinity. Inside exists a lighted pathway leading to what it is every human being is looking for: Love. The love of oneself with the acceptance of all that one is, is one of the most freeing and liberating places of all. And if we are free, truly free from the tyranny of anger, fear and hate, we can love ourselves fully this allowing ourselves to fully love one another.  Within, there is room.