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This is a day about remembering not to forget that there is still much work to be done in the field of equality. Martin Luther King, Jr. planted many a wonderful seeds in this land and it is up to us to work that land, love that land and to care for that land as if seeing into the fall for a bountiful harvest. During his time was the spring of this movement and now we find ourselves in the hottest days of summer.


Although the air is warm while the sun shines bright, we must remember to care for our crop. It needs ever more watering right now as the drought of forgetting has fallen upon us. And in forgetting, what I really mean to say is the complacency of thinking we have come far enough. This is not enough. It is not enough until equality is for all.


There is still much work to be done.  With as much work as there is, there is just as much forgiveness and love to be shared. Let us water our spirit with a dream again. Let us give shade for blocking out the burning of fear and hate. Let us carefully tend with kindness while whispering once again about hope.


There could be plenty at harvest for us all. There could be so much abundance that we could not possibly imagine the fruits to come of our combined labor. We might not be able to imagine it all, fathom it all, or dream it all; but he did. And because of that, we must remember to take to the field.