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Spending time in a state of listening allows me the luxury of getting to know what kind of a dance the dance itself wants to be. If you listen carefully, the dance will begin to whisper ever so gently and softly to you as it reveals itself through its infantile murmurs. At that moment, you have to keep listening with an intent and faith that it is a living and breathing thing that knows what it wants.


Much like people, dances know themselves, their true selves, long before those that surround us tell them what they are supposed to be. At the time you hear the whispers and they become ever more clear to you, articulate and vibrant; you know the work is standing on its on feet and ready to race its way to completion. The work creates this moment itself because it can do nothing but realize its destiny to be exactly what its internal vibration knows it must.


If I can give myself to this, humble myself in the action of creativity, I will be the fortunate bystander to magic and forces often missed by those who have tried to manufacture a dance in the image of their own ego. So it is this place of courageous vulnerability that I trust in the energies of what this creation is and allow it to be everything it so desires to be.