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Bridging the River of Timelessness


With each step, we are pushed upwards towards the heavens. With each breath, heaven absorbs us. We live in a constant state of rise and fall, evolution and demise as well as continual transformation. This is what creates the movement that guides us all towards the ultimate freedom of transcendence.


In these quiet, contemplative steps, we must be mindful of the very moments we inhabit. These moments help us to understand the magnitude of our being in order to recognize the bridges needed to cross the river of timelessness.


There needs to be no fear for what is to come. That which is our present, is the angel that keeps us safe. In this present moment of awareness, we understand all things as time ceases to have importance. It is this moment that the universe allows you to glimpse the radiant glory of timelessness itself. And because of this insight, you know, in the deepest parts of your spirit, that there is nothing to fear for you are the light of the universe and the universe is the light of you.