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Perhaps it is time to acknowledge once again the vibrations of my being. I admitted to myself that I am a healer and that in doing so I accepted myself as a being healing both body and soul through the art of dance. This past year has been transformative in ways that I could not have possibly imagined. Ironically, one of the biggest people who have transformed from this shift in conscious acceptance has been me.

The year has been a journey, but the year is now in the past and I stand at a present fork in the road. The choice is to move forward adding to or to move around and circle back. As I face this choice, I realize I must move forward. To accept myself, as just a healer is not the complete fully vibrational being I am. I know there is much missing; much left undone and undiscovered.

What is speaking to me in this moment of choosing is the creative heart. I have been very prolific this year, yes. However, I have not fully realized the wealth of this stream. I have waded, but I have not immersed myself fully and let the currents of this universal creative flow carry me. The choice to make is to travel the path of the river flowing towards the vast ocean of creative wonder and ultimately creative surrender.

I realize that being a healer and acknowledging myself and my gifts in this arena was more a journey of healing myself. I am figuring that out now and will continue to heal others and myself through movement as I add in another claim. I was given a name not too long ago that brought much light and laughter but in really looking at it, the universe is nudging me to accept my name in the role at which I need to embrace. Now, I have chosen to absorb the identity that was gently whispered making the two parts of my being whole.

The path I choose is to float with faith as a healing wizard. An enchanted being healing and crating with magic and wonder. It is time to be bold in my artistic statements letting the vision create transformative enchanted landscapes by the light of the stars. This is but a development of a healer and an expansion of the creative voice no longer fearing the clamoring of the doubtful and fearful crowd.

What magic will be revealed as the healing and kinetic spells are cast? This is the right of waving the creative wand.