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There is a language lost inside the chaos of contradictory images of space and time. We are a drift in a time of dissolution. Floating aimlessly amidst the sea of “noise” that drowns out the voice of spirit and truth for the survival of the human spirit. Now, more than ever, is there a need for the investigation and cultivation of the quiet. A pressing need to find the distilled reason for being. I can think of no better time than the present to question personal behavior and claim a responsibility for ourselves and our spirit. No better time to accept our own role as the leader and director of our life and lively hood. It is too late for blame. It is too late to wait around for someone or something to bail us out. It is we who should help ourselves in order to help those we love, along with the things we love to do, thus allowing us to fulfill our spirit and bring us joy. It is important to embark on a journey in which we meander our personal labyrinth to sift through the chaos. It is important for us to press what does not matter away from the center of our beings. Chaos has cluttered the space around us and the space within us is collapsing. Fill the space within with an energy and light that will allow for an expansion of the spirit. Allow the space to be a sanctuary and sacred space for you to be; safe and flowing with the freedom for the mind and central nervous system to speak clearly to the body for healing and well-being. As we create space within, the space without will be created. When we find the space to live, we will find the space to listen. When we find the time to listen, we will hear the lost voice of our soul and start living the life that is ours. Finally we will find freedom to live the life that our spirit has been trying to live since the day we were born. This is freedom. This is the desire of the heart.