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A wall crumbles breaking down barriers and opening space so as to reveal what we are unable to reveal on our own terms. I am washed over and over and over with imagery smothered by layer upon layer of expression. I am not smothered in the sense that I can no longer breathe, but it is a complete immersion as if to encourage more deep and heartfelt breathes so as to understand the plight of humanity. We require time that no longer is encouraged in our culture and by being lovingly forced to expand my own boundaries of space and time, I am able to participate in the artistic adventure of the soul as its evolution “holds my hand’, “hugs me”, “kisses me”, and fills my breath with a new perspective of my own participation in this very life. 

I was reminded how important it is for myself as a choreographer to express the desires I hear from the work and to allow myself time for the evolution of my own work and expression of my own voice. We culturally get caught up on trying to make work that is like others and unlike ourselves. Tonights inspiration is a reminder to “make the work that speaks from your heart”. This was my gift of many this evening. One of many that will reveal themselves on this path of Paris.