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There is peace in a heart that believes. There is light inside a mind that is open. There is infinite possibilities in a world where one allows the universe to carry their spirit as if folding it into its very own expansion. If we have enough faith in the ways of our own potential, there is only abundance and prosperity.

When we realize we do not have to manipulate to embrace energetic and economic wealth, we realize we are presently rich and will be cared for just as all things are cared for in this ever expanding universe.

We thwart our own success when fear replaces the belief in oneself and begins to take over the decision making from a place a negativity rather than a place of abundance. The moment fear prescribes doubt or limits, this is the moment of decline. This is when we begin to manufacture a false understanding of being. This is when we manipulate in the name of our fear and ego rather than allow the patience and love of the universe to guide us to becoming and providing what it is we need.

We are enough. We have more than we need. We must always remember to ask ourselves, what is it that I need and is what I have at this moment enough? There is nothing wrong with having only what one needs. Nothing wrong with being equal. Nothing wrong with being enough. We are beautiful as we are.