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We sat and spoke of the past under the eyes of the mountain.
We gazed out across the sea of green rolling hills breathing in the air of conviction.
We released the flood gates of the heart unleashing a necessary pouring of emotion as we allowed ourselves to once again reclaim our hearts.

It has been a long time since our spirits met without any interruption of life and commitment.
The ocean of trees looked on whispering to go further and further into the rings of our hearts.
With the comfort of a forever friendship we linked arms and walked; sauntering into our future by understanding the very nature of our present.

I know why we met beside these mountains.
I understand why it is the sky cradled us in its light.
This is the space our hearts were hearing decades ago that we saw deep within one another.
And although our lives at that moment could not hear the calling of the mountain; we somehow knew there would be this day, this space, this love.