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There is value in everything. However small something is, it has a significant reason and purpose even if one does not see it at the moment. If we find ourselves too busy to honor something or someones value, we know we have disconnected from reflection and ceased being present.

Yet, despite usefulness of all things, we must remember the balance in our lives as we do not need all the things that fill our lives. Many of us have too much and therefor are being suffocated by the things that overcrowd our internal and external space. If we find ourselves weighed down by this clutter, we know we have lost our faith in simplicity and efficiency.

It is important to recognize the value in all things and in one another. In acknowledging the importance and usefulness that allows us to see one another and the world around us in a much more sacred and interconnected way. This type of seeing allows compassion and understanding and reminds us of the balance and equality necessary for the very system of sustaining life and cultivating love. We see ourselves as equal; brother and sister.

In order to see these things, we must free up the space around us so that we might free up space in our hearts. It is this space that allows us to recognize the light of the universe inside one another and appreciate the value and sacredness of each individual, each being and every living thing. The more open the heart, the more light we see. The more light we see, the more gracious our lives.