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Standing in this meadow looking out at the expanse, all I see is possibility.

Although there are mountains that surround me, they are beautiful and beckon an ascent.

Yes, it is beautiful here too, but I wonder what lies just beyond the mountain?

I wonder what I might see from its vistas and what wonder might await just beyond?

Yes, there will be a lot of effort expended in order to shift this present state.

And yes, there is the unknown, but the unknown is here right now too.

So if this platform from which I stand is uncertain, then ultimately there is no real risk.

The only thing that can possibly happen is change.

If I stay too long, I worry about stasis.

If I do not challenge myself to push for more, then there is complacency.

If I do not engage in growth and development, my work ceases to be relevant.

Standing in this meadow I have made a decision; embrace the possibility.