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Let me be fascinated by what I choose. Allow me the freedom to believe as I see right for my own spirit. Grant me the ability to make choices for myself and for my body so as to keep the kind of balance necessary for my spiritual and physical well being. Give me that respect and space that every individual human being deserves. Share with me that same respect and we will see one another as equal.

In seeing me as equal we will gain a new perspective. We will be offered the chance of acceptance which leads to compassion and understanding. Not that we have to understand and fold that knowledge into our own lives, but to understand that the freedom to be for all of our kind is the key to great peace of mind and heart. Allowing one another to be fully who we are only breathes greater potential for us all.

I want to see you for all of you. I want to believe that we all are allowed an opportunity to become all that the potential of our lives possesses. I want you to continue the path of your own heart and walk it with the kind of integrity and joy your life is capable of. I want you to find the freedom of your spirit so as to evolve into the most beautiful and joy filled being you are capable of. I want happiness for you no matter what that means.

It is possible for us all to do the same. It is simply a choice; a choice to heal ourselves and one another.