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The Frontier of opportunities are so vast and open. Each person stands at the edge of their very own expanse of space. Every individual peering into the potential for a journey of their very own.

Enter and expand the internal being that you are. Explore and experience all that is possible for you as you venture the magical realm of occasion.

Never once was there the expectation of perfection. Never once the request for a specific way of experiencing something. Never once the thought you should be more than you are, or know more than you do at this moment.

Right here and now is the time for the beginners heart and the beginners mind. See yourself attending to the passion of the moment rather than the perfection. Satisfy the soul and not a perceived expectation.


Go then into your world and your world alone. Take no friend. Carry no burden. Worlds will converge when they are ready; when your heart is ready. Be patient and revel in these moments with great anticipation of joy. Revel in those moments. And most importantly, live. Simply, live.