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Human lives are statements about our galaxies. Full of magical stories, mystical memories and a history rich in ritual; our inexplainable moments at the micro level reflect the wonderful magnificence at the macro level. Logic and reason never able to outshine the simple power of faith.

Humanity is our being in this world. Not our overthinking in it. It is imperative that we connect with our consciousness by not limiting ourselves to the mere hallow experience of information. Mindless motion void of understanding from the heart limits the very voice of our being. We must be careful of giving information more favor or value than conscious feeling.

Our fullest emotional selves integrating imagination, intuition, feeling and sensation is the way in which we embrace who it is we are, our humanity, with courage and humility. It is in this space of allowing ourselves to be fully human and experientially navigating our world with a heightened awareness of being and feeling, that we accept all that is being offered with gratitude and grace.

As we stand in this space of our truest selves, staring out and seeing one another for who we are, finding the authenticity of spirit in one another; we see beyond the facade   and directly into the reflection of ourselves and the magnificence of our universe.