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Seeing with feeling is the weapon of the healer. Sensing the vibrations of the body’s language and story allowing for the opening and flow of energy by rebuilding the bridges of well being.

In this moment of reconnection and reintegration, the guide whispers an affirmation of what one deserves as the law of well being dictates. A law and a right given by the creative spirit through the manifestation of the great design.

The convergence of like mind of the healer and receiver is the very moment of miraculous acceptance. It is the moment when we realize we are a perfect being destroying  the idea of imperfection with the light of truth. It is this moment we absorb our magnificence and reclaim health.

Believing in well being allows for well being. Affirming our well being allows for the energetic potential of great being. Demonstrating the congruency of well being allows the self to embrace the healing power of love.