I find it interesting that the author, Thomas Friedman says,

“When you consider how many problems around the world are attributable to the lack of education, that is very good news”.

I have a problem that he uses the word “world” when much of the world doesn’t have access to actually get on line or the ability to participate in western practices in the ways that we do. I find his comment rather arrogant and quite frankly insensitive to so many. Does he really think online learning is going to solve the worlds problems?


I also find this “article” to be a sales ad for the whole thing. I find it difficult that in a time of having to teach in larger classrooms that there is an expectation that we should teach hundreds of thousands of people now.

I am bothered by the lack of personal contact missing in the education process. I have to touch my students to engage with them. What about a hybrid approach to all of this? It would break my heart to disengage with the in person interaction at some level.