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I know Paris is the city of light, but for me it is the city of inspiration, vitality and heart. Every time I have the opportunity to return to this magical place I feel as though I am a little kid in a candy store simply overwhelmed by its beauty and sensibility. It sings to me. It simply sings to my heart.

I know it means something different or touches everyone a little differently, but for me it truly animates my heart and enlivens my outlook on where I am in my life. Perhaps this is why I feel a strong pull to visit this place at least once a year. Perhaps this is why the opportunity for a collaboration for a study abroad program opened up to me. Whatever the reason, I am simply ecstatic that I will have the luxury of living here come spring 2016. Well at least for 7 weeks. I can’t even imagine what will happen and what inspirations will come with that long of a stay.

What I do know is that the time frame up until then will consist of really learning the language so that I will be able to communicate more clearly and confidently than I do now. It will take some work, but I know I can do it and become fluent. A little bit of focus and practice will really make all of the difference.

And on that note, off to the catacombs to see yet another side of this magnificent city. Paris, I do adore you!